Support Our Troops Rally 4/21/2003
Duvall, WA

On Monday, April 21st, more Americans braved the chill and incipient rain to conduct another of the weekly Support Our Troops Rallies in Duvall, Washington,  last week, the week before , and every Monday for weeks before that, as organized by AM 570 KVI's Kirby Wilbur:

Kirby Wilbur and friends/fans

There were familiar faces from earlier rallies, including this couple and (as heard in last week's rally), the recently-promoted Lance Corporal Duggan's mother.

Familiar faces Lance Corporal Duggan's mother w/sign

At any time the crowd was smaller than past weeks, but there was a lot more coming and going of ralliers.
Kirby, Trina and crowd crowd  wavers coming and going

These two found a perch from which to wave and encourage cars to honk:
two girls on high perch

And were there reactions from those driving by!  (You can hear them by clicking here.)  Some seemed prepared with signs and flags of their own.

But then a convoy of big trucks rolled past, flags flying and horns blaring (click on the picture to hear them):

As always, there are the signs people make for these rallies -- and this woman passed out newly printed signs to the crowd:


And there are always American flags.  How many do you see in this picture?

And now yellow ribbons along with the flags.

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