Support Our Troops Rally 4/14/2003
Duvall, WA

On Monday, April 14th, this reporter joined scores of troop supporters at the weekly Support Our Troops Rally in Duvall, Washington, to report on the event just as he did last week .

The turnout seemed to this reporter to be a bit off from the previous week.  Perhaps because the fighting is winding down, or people were enjoying the spring warmth (which brought up new flowers) elsewhere, or they were blinded by the unaccustomed sun.  The occasional spring wind also sometime caused little difficulties, as flags moved a bit unpredictably.

flowers and ralliers ack!  what's that awful bright light up there!!! snarled

But it was not just the flowers, warmth and sun that were new.  Along with the season another tide is turning -- the handsign "V for Victory" is back!
"V for Victory" handsign is back

As are proud young Americans!
America's future... ...but they are still kids.

And there were two other Americans honored at the rally, for their service to our country.  One is Lance Corporal Joseph Duggan, featured in the preceding week's Carnation Rally, a few miles to the south, represented by his justifiably proud father.  Yes, this Marine just got a promotion.  Congratulations, Lance Corporal Duggan -- and thank you for your service!
Lance Corporal Joseph Duggan

Another serviceman's wife and daughter were on the scene with photos of husband and father (please, my apologies, I lost his name & rank) :

The energy level of the crowd was high. This was helped, no doubt, by all the honks from passing traffic (audio), as well as a series of trucks (audio) that passed through.

energetic crowd .  

KVI's talk show host Kirby Wilbur's wife Trina  was present, as were a familiar faces from many Operation Support Our Troops rallies!  (Yes, Kirby, you were there too but you kept hiding behind signs. Besides, Trina's prettier than you!)

What's a Support Our Troops rally without American flags and everything red-white-and-blue? They were there...

And there are new signs to accompany the new season...

Ira Free[D] Like your freedon?  Thank a vet!

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