Support Our Troops Rally
McChord AFB (Tacoma, WA)
March 8th, 2003

Despite quite cold, wet weather, Pacific Northwesterners turned out by the hundreds and thousands for another rally to show their support for the brave men and women of the armed forces of the United States.  (Cold wet weather?  We have a saying in Seattle: "If you're not going to do it in the rain, you're not going to do it at all.")  They met outside McChord Air Force Base, on an I-5 overpass -- exit 125, to be exact, the same locale where earlier rallies were held, including this one also presented on this site.

Those who passed by on the freeway below were greeted with a sight of a bridge crowded with people and flags.

One of the first impressions one got passing through the rally were the plethora of flags -- everywhere you looked, flags were flying!

One exuberant soul was waving four flags together!

The crowd was so large, groups began to split off and position themselves at other intersections further away.

One enterprising couple had bought up a number of "dog tags" and were selling them, with the proceeds to go to "Operation Cookie Drive", to buy Girl Scout Cookies and send them to our men and women overseas.

Of course, it's always the people themselves that make the show.

State Representative Mike Carrell was especially exuberant in getting drivers to respond by waving and honking.  And from the trremendous volume of noise there, he was being quite successful.  Way to go, Mike!!'s own Libertina (on the right) joined two others to sing patriotic songs.

It was quite clear which forces had these two young ladies' support.
And this Vietnam vet quite clearly is a patriot, and supports President Bush.  Many, many thanks for your service during a difficult and unthankful time!!

And with the people present come reminders of those who aren't -- because they're overseas in service.

One of those serving is Jesse Sheppard , in this photo held by his mother.  Jesse, are you sorry now you didn't send your mother a photograph of you in uniform?

Theese colors don't run And at a rally like this there are, of course, signs.  Of all sizes, shapes,. colors and messages. FreeRepublic's Libertina weighs in with her message.

Many simply speak for themselves:

This fellow really is French, and said he supports the current boycott for the French attitudes.

And of course there are the signs from .

And along with the incessant honking of car horns, there was plenty of other positive feedback from those passing by.

Upon leaving the rally, there was the discovery of this, er, unusual perspective on the War on Terror engaged in by our troops, displayed in the window of a pickup truck of one of those attending the rally.
It is my understanding that some of those now overseas about to fight, or already fighting, to protect  America, will possibly be viewing this site.  To them I say from the bottom of my heart: May God bless and protect you, May He grant you a speedy victory and bring you home safe, sound and victorious.  And thank you!

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