The Last Weekly Duvall WA Support Our Troops Rally

On Monday, May 12th, a number of Americans responded to KVI 570 AM radio talk show host Kirby Wilbur's call on his morning program for the last weekly Duvall Support Our Troops Rally.

As always, Kirby was there.

And there were a number of familiar faces from previous rallies:

And signs, new and "old," and other statements to be made -- and no, the "PartyBus" was not part of the rally; this was serious fun!


Complete with patriotic music on a stereo (the square box behund the truck is a speaker)...

...this got a thumbs' up from (more than ) one driver.

The ralliers kept a steady line of signs, flags and waves to greet passersby.

And they also took time to chat...

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