Support Our Troops Rally 4/07/2003
Duvall, WA

At least two Washington members of FreeRepublic ( joined other Pacific Northwesterners in the latest of ongoing rallies to Support Our Troops.  The third or fourth such held in the central traffic point of the bucolic town of Duvall, Washington (east of Woodinville, in turn east of Seattle), turnout was reduced from the 200+ who showed up in previous weeks by the return of the drizzle for which Seattle is so justly famous.  But the weather didn't dampen spirits any, as the photos here will show.

To gaze towards Duvall from across the Snoqualmie Valley, coming in from the West on the main arterial Woodinville-Duvall Road there isn't much to see:

But on this day, arriving at the main intersection of Woodinville-Duvall and SR-203, there was something different -- another "Monday Support Our Troop Rally" was in progress, greeting commuters returning home:

The event was organized by KVI (570 AM - radio talk-show host and Duvall resident Kirby Wilbur:

The first such rally here got the attention of a trucker up in Bellingham who, as a result, organized a "convoy" trucker demonstration in support of our troops a couple of weekends earlier.  He expected maybe 20 trucks, but got over 270 -- in a procession from Bellingham to Blaine, it took the convey over half an hour to pass any one point.

In any event, this rally featured the types of pro-troops ralliers that the Left complains it finds so threatening and intimidating:

The police aren't buying it, though.  It may be overtime, but it's easy duty; this crowd respects the law:

In any event, there are the obligatory signs -- and the pro-troops ralliers are always imaginative (the "Fighting 570th" are 570 KVI listeners who turn out for these rallies, often on the spot as requested by KVI talk-show hosts):

There were plenty of flag-wavers (I am told this woman is French; she has been at many pro-troops rallies -- Merci pour votre soutien!).

And other sights, and sounds(click on the link)

And one can never forget those in service.  Today we feature Trebor Gillie, may he return home safe and sound:

And several blocks south -- another group!!

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