Bellevue (WA) Welcomes Cheney
KVI's Fighting 570th In Action
Free Republic Represented

On the evening of Monday, Dec. 22, 2003, Vice President Cheney attended a fundraiser held in Bellevue, WA.  Upon learning that the extremist left-wing group "Not In Our Name"  was planning a protest, KVI 570 AM obtained a permit for a demonstration and KVI talk-show hosts Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson (and perhaps others) called on the Fighting 570th, their listeners, to turn out and give Vice-president Cheney a true welcome to the city of Bellevue, WA.

Calling KVI Participants regularly called into KVI to update the hosts and listeners about the status of the rally.

 The local news media were there, and by several reports gave an accurate account of the event.  (And yes, the baby is dressed in an elephant suit.)

The police were present, of course.  These two members of Bellevue's finest didn't seem to your reporter to be unhappy at being posted on the KVI corner.  Others posted there also seemed rather unconcerned.  At least until the left showed up.

As FReeper LibreOuMort said, "It was an awesome rally, cars honking, people yelling, waving..."

Lying Leftie: "2 died for oil today" Of course the Left was there too. But at least they were honest enough to let one know exactly who they were (the banner reads,"International Socialist Organization).  Later, right in front of this table, one of them would be dragging an American flag in the gutter.

They seemed confused at times. This trio of elderly peaceniks took up a station to the rear of the KVI crowd.  All they accomplished was to make the KVI crowd look bigger.  (And that was true, too, for the foul-mouthed interlopers.)

Their messages sometimes seemed rather muddled, too.  "Save Head-Start"?  (These were just about the only signs that could be quoted in a family forum.)

By way of contrast, there was no ambiguity in the KVI crowd's signs.

One inventive soul made his sign right on the spot!

Some of those who came for the fundraiser stopped by to thank the ralliers, and even join them for a few minutes.

Republican State Part chairman Chris Vance was one who came by to thank the crowd.

And a good time was had by all...