Here You Will Find Pictures From
The Puget Sound Chapter of FreeRepublic's...
Visit from JimRob,
Traditional Salutes and Toasts,
Chapter Meeting,
Tasting of BilltheDrill's Latest,
Presentation of ASD's New Video,
Croquet Tournament,
Creek-Fording Contests,
All-Around Good Time,
and more...

and all conducted in the space of a few hours on the afternoon of
August 8, 2004

Sorry for the lack of commentary this time, as much as some of the pictures really cry out for it (if only to tease those depicted therein). It is too late for me to provide it tonight, and I don't know when in the next few days I'll have time to fill in. So, for now, please just enjoy.

And if you weren't there, be assured... we had a good time.

Sionnsar ("shawn'shar": the part of the bagpipe where the melody comes out) "Got Haggis?"


If you weren't there, Puget Sound FReeper... we missed you.